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Daniel López Venture is a mixed-media artist based in New York City. His artistry addresses the human perception of reality.


A provocateur creating poetry out of images, his visual scenes are the collaboration of erotic imagery created as a vehicle for the observer to be shocked, challenged, and open to an experience of a new dimension of possibilities... perhaps even find their inner erotic sensuality. 


Through his photographs, paintings, and art appropriation, images have been organized in a new space that describes a world beyond the realm of comfortable realities or conventional appropriateness. The layering of images has become the visual vocabulary and emotional language. The artist's work highlights an obsession with the unexpected, erotic, and passionate wonders that lie deep within.

The artist's motivation and hope is to intentionally challenge conversation among people on "taboo" topics by displaying art that will stimulate discussions on subjects that have become "inappropriate", perhaps even unexpectedly forbidden. A self-censored world, penetrated with generic comments and reactions has led to the profound disappearance of deep-analytic, honest, non-judgmental interactions, opinions, and conversation. 


As the artist strives to create stimulating conversation, one where nothing is forbidden or judged but instead discussed to open the mind to sensual possibilities.  The artist believes a personalized curated book or customized wall art can be a conversation and mind-opening piece inspiring vision and conversation. 

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